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    IPod connector
    I have a 2006 Acura that has a dock connector that plugs into the back of the
    radio. The problem is that the Acura(Honda) software does not work properly.
    The radio does not have aux inputs. When you connect the Ipod you can't use the playlist and it just picks a playlist randomly. Does anyone know the pin configuration of the dock connector? This way I can just tap into the output of the connector and use it like any other aux input and control from the Ipod instead of the steering wheel controls that don't work anyway.

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    I've read about Accura and Honda cars about their stereo, it seems to be a great problem since both dont' have any Aux input. In order to solve the issue I bought this aux input called "SNHOND3", it works for Honda and Accura, connects through a 14 or 16 pins connector to the Stereo, if you have XM or GPS factory-included you'll have to disconnect them. but it works great, great sound quality as if i insert a cd.
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