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    Apr 15, 2007
    Cannot see some music on ipod
    There are some songs that I cannot play on my ipod. If I Look under artists and that artist has one album and then some extra songs not in an album, the ones in the album will not show up.

    For example. I have one Rush album 2112 and then a few other Rush songs that are not part of a full album so those are blank in the album field. Those extra songs will not show up on my ipod when I try to play it. They are there if I look under songs, but not under artists.

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    Connect the iPod to your computer, once iTunes comes up look for the song that you can't see on your ipod, drag that onto the desktop and at the end look for a period, after the period there should be 3 letters.
    it could be:

    if its not .mp3 or mp4 I don't think it would work on your iPod, Usually iTunes tries to convert it and sometimes works for some size of music..

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    That is not it. The songs work on the ipod just fine. If I look under songs they are all there. But when you click on an artist if they only have one album, instead of going to an album list it goes straight to the songs. so you can not select "all" to see the songs with an "unknown album"

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