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    Hi all,

    Does anyone have any idea how I can transfer the music from my 30g video ipod onto my PC itunes library? You see, I've had my ipod now for almost 2 years and I'm a little paranoid about it breaking beyond repair and losing every single song I've downloaded or recorded.

    I had a house fire which pretty much destroyed my entire CD collection so if I did lose the music on my pod it would really be heartbreaking for me :-(

    I have 3311 songs at the mo and a few photos, but it's really the music that I'm keen to back-up asap.

    I guess a download or something would be the best way to go. Free would be ideal, but I'll pay if I have to.

    Thanks, and please please feel free to direct me to another post if need be.



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    There are applications that can do this for free or very cheap on the internet. I recently used one to backup my music on a PC - the program I used (I Think) was iPodRip They have an unrestricted demo version, but ideally would like you to pay for it. I transfered about 2900 songs and as I remember it tells you every 75 or so songs if you like it you should buy it or something like that - it won't continue copying songs until you cancel the message - so as long as you don't mind doing that every 75 songs then that will be your best bet - took all my album artwork as well for me - the photos (As I recall) can be found by browsing your iPod in Explorer on Windows and just copying them to the PCs hard drive. - if it's a mac iPhoto should import them back anyway I think.

    Anyway - a google search should provide you with a couple of application choices for recovering your music from the iPod.

    Hope this helps

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