i am trying to find the best method of displaying the artwork in my music folders whilst the music plays in itunes. i would like the artwork to be displayed fullscreen. preferably i would also like to have the option of also displaying tag info (artist, album, etc), and also the option of displaying multiple artwork for each track, i.e. as a slideshow, whilst the track is playing.

i have yet to find a method of doing this without embedding artwork. i will consider embedding artwork, which would mean that i could use visualisers such as coverversion, even over my local network, but then i would need a way of batch embedding the artwork for 2,000 albums, as i don't want to have to do this manually.

i have found one program that will batch embed artwork called media rage, but there is something a little strange with this program in that when you remove the embedded artwork the file size doesn't reduce, but stays the same. this is no good for me as i may want to remove the artwork at a later stage and would like the file size to revert to normal.

so, if anyone knows of another program that will do this more effectively then i would be grateful if you could let me know. i don't mind putting artwork in another folder locally if this helps the embedding process, i.e. in a dedicated folder for artwork, with the artwork named in such a way that the correct artwork will be embedded in each file.

i still would rather not embed the artwork, and the only program that i am aware of that will look for artwork in the
local music folders is itunescheck which displays artwork for the current playing track without it being embedded (i.e. it looks for the first artwork in the album folder). the trouble with this is that you can't get the artwork fullscreen. so if anyone knows of other software that uses a similar method of displaying artwork with a fullscreen option i would be grateful to hear about this,