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    Hello, my fellow Mac users. You all share the same desire and fascination as I do in apple/mac technology and are likely to purchase similar software I do. I own an Apple Ipod Video ... 30 gig. I take much advantage in this, and for some reason, always seem to encounter some issues. My issue of the ... year, as it seems, is that I have several ( More like 276, to back exact ) cartoons I was fascinated in as a child I wish to put on my Ipod, yet the format they are in is one that haunts me in my worst nightmares ... RM/RMVB. It seems many mac users encounter problems with these formats every now and then. This one has been an issue for over 6 months, and, finally considering I'm frustrated beyond repair, I have decided to come to the conclusion that not everything is free in this world ( Hah, what a joke. ) and I'll be forced to purchase some software that will allow me to convert Rm/RMVB files to my Ipod Video. Yet, even after a few days of trying to find the perfect programm, I can't seem to find anything that suits my needs. So. I'd be forever indept to you if someone could please tell me, or give me a link to, some Software fit for and fully capable of converting RM/RMVB files to my Ipod ... though there seems to be PLENTY of programs that are not compatable with Macs, far and few between are the Mac programs, and even when there are any, they seem to have some flaw. So, good luck if you choose to assist me. Thank you for your time.
    - Vegeta

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