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    Audiobook storage on Nano?
    Does anyone know approximately how many audiobooks can be stored on a 4GB Nano? I just bought one for my 11 year old niece. Wondering if she can load up several books or should do one at a time? Will any MP3 audiobook work on the Nano? Thanks for any advice you can share.

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    She should easily be able to upload several audiobooks. I just checked and my avg. audiobook size is about 350MB. Remember audiobooks are encoded at a much lower bit rate then songs. I like my songs at about 192kbps, but my audiobooks are encoded at 32 or 48kbps. It's only someone talking not a complex string of musical notes. Remember that if she rips them off cds, she will have to convert them to .m4b files for them to be put into the audiobook section on her nano. The program i use is audiobook builder by splasm. It will do everything for you. If it's in mp3 it will join them and then covert and rename into the correct format, and it's only $10.

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    I can 2nd the choice of Audibook builder it is a great program. I use it together with Audio hijack to record Radio plays which are in episodes Then stitch them into an audiobook with Audiobook builder.

    With 4 gig she will have room for qiute a few

    PS.. A 1.5 hour play takes about 42 MB

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