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    Speaker dock for ipod.
    Ive recently switched from creative zen vision m to an ipod video which I am quite sad about but basically had to when i picked up my macbook. But im done crying now and am fairly enjoying this thing. Now what I want is a quality product to seam together the macbook and ipod.

    docks the ipod to sync with macbook
    has quality speakers
    has fm radio
    has an audio in so can be used as macbook speakers
    has video out so ipod can be used as a media center

    is this too much to ask for?
    the closest thing i found was the jbl on stage II but has no radio nor video out

    thanks for any and all help

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    Alright, i have a solution for you that will solve all of your problems... except one; the one about the radio. Why not buy an apple universal dock, that will plug in and sync with your computer and also provide an s-video and headphone jack out. Also buy a decent set of computer speakers to plug into the headphone out, an s-video cable to run to the TV through the s-video out, and a headphone wire splitter and also plug your macbook into those speakers?

    alright so this doesnt solve ALL of your questions/problems, but it does solve 90% of them so I think this is your best option. Also this could also be done for (depending on the speakers you choose) less than $100 USD.

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    thanks for the idea but thats just going to turn into a mess of wires when having a mac is about clean and simpleness

    i decided to just go with the jbl on stage 2 and a creative xmod to go along with it
    ill just get a seperate av out for video playback and not worry about radio for now

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