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    music videos
    I have a bunch of music vids, mostly in avi and mpeg format. With QuicktimePro I've been converting them to .m4v, but when I add them to itunes they show up under movies rather than music. They also do not appear under music videos on the front row program on my mac. Any ideas on how to make this possible would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    P.S. They also , when converted to ipod format with quicktime do not show up with the correct resolution. I'm not very well experienced with things like resolution but when I view an itunes store music vid they show up the length of the whole screen where as whatever resolution the majority of my avi and mpeg music vids are they show up with shorter than the screen. It looks as if the video is in widescreen format but instead of the black stripes being across the top and bottom of the video, they are on either side of the video. Any information on this would also be great! Sorry for such a lengthy problem, especially since its probably just due to the fact that i am new to macs. Many thanks in advance for those with info/ideas.

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    1) In iTunes select the Video > Right Click > Get Info > Video Tab > Video Kind > Set to Music Video.

    2) Stop using Quicktime and Download and use iSquint instead. It's faster and works better.

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