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    Ok. So. I have had my mac for half a year, and it has been awesome. But an hour ago, I was syncing my iPod after buying and importing a new cd, and a pop up box said something like "Your iPod has Purchased songs not on your Library. Would you like to transfer them?" I found the fact that they were on my pod and not my computer odd, but i clicked transfer nonetheless. As soon as I did my entire iTunes library, which was a respectable size was gone.

    Completely emptry except for two albums that were being transferred onto my computer from the iPod.

    I was ticked, but decided to start the arduous task of reimporting all of the folders, because they weren't erased. The thing is though, is the folders are not there... but they are.

    For example, if I manually go into Music > iTunes > Artists > Coldplay, I only find one folder (Rush of Blood) and in that folder one song. I have every coldplay cd, and in that album folder should be every song.

    It gets stranger. If I search in spotlight for Coldplay, it shows all four albums and every single song! Also, it says they are located where I just looked. If I try and go there manually again, i only get the one album and one song. If from the search, I double click a song, it goes into iTunes and I can listen to it.

    I guess the problem is that all of these files are invisible. I dont want to reimport the cds, because it would waste memory as they are already there, but cannt be found.

    Does anyone have any advice?

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    It sounds like when it asked you if you would like to add those albums not in your library to your computer it was really asking you if you would like to sync your iPod to that iTunes. For a few reasons I don't have my iPod synced with any iTunes and choose to manage music manually. Anyways I don't know if thats what has happened but that's just what it sounds like to me.

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