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    New to IPOD VIDEO - Getting Started?

    My sister offered to buy my Ipod nana and I choose to upgrade to Ipod Video.

    Now I have the Ipod Video I realise its not a simple case of drag and drop any more I need a PHD in video editing and several programs to convert media.

    I don't know anyone else that has one so they cant guide me through it. I would like to know what people are doing with theirs? Are they watching DVD's? Downloading podcasts?

    How do I get started? I have handbrake which has been quite unsucessfull as it crashes?

    Can anyone point me in the right direction for using this piece of equipment?

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    Isquint to get the file to mp4. Once in mp4 just add it to itunes. from there you just need to plug in the ipod and go to the movie/tvshow/podcast tabs...from here just click the playlist/movies you want transferred.

    As for podcasts just go to the itunes store and get some for free. I have a few of the national geographic and discovery channel type deals.


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