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Thread: Trouble with PocketMac pda emulation software

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    Trouble with PocketMac pda emulation software
    I am a new iPod owner (15g 3gen) and was lured to buy PocketMac software so I could sync my Entourage contacts, email, notes, and tasks.

    I loaded it but it won't sync -- it acts like it does, but it won't erase/update the old information from mac mail. Furthermore, it seems to have disabled my mac sync, so it also acts like it is syncing but didn't. The music is syncing fine.

    I contacted PocketMac of course and I got a semi-automated response. They said I had to update Office Mac so it had a palm sync update (I have 10.1.4). I did. Didn't work. When I got back to PocketMac, the guy said he'd "refer my problem to a higher level of support." Apparently he was referring to god as that was a week ago and god is busy. (many emails entreating help have gone unanswered)

    Help! I want to use my iPod with my Entourage and I feel cheated. (oh, and I tried to uninstall PocketMac but I can't figure out how to do it--the guy said to use Install but that doesn't have an uninstall options that i can find -- i am also new to Mac!!!)


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    I bought PocketMac Pro and absolutely hated it. It never once worked right. I was using it to sync with my HP Ipaq 2215 PDA. I did everything under the sun, and it never once synched correctly. To make matters worse, all three of my refund requests hae been ignored by the company, for three weeks now.

    Avoid this company/product at all costs.

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    I import all of my Entourage Contacts and Calendars into Address Book and iCal respectively, then use the iSync. It works perfectly.

    I reccomend it.

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    How to import
    Dumb question: how do you import from Entourage into these? iCal was easy, but Address Book is looking for ldif or vcard files. Entourage only does tab delimited text. Suggestions?
    And anyone figure out how to import Tasks and Notes from entourage? then we'll be set without that dumb PocketMac!

    Quote Originally Posted by cakman2
    I import all of my Entourage Contacts and Calendars into Address Book and iCal respectively, then use the iSync. It works perfectly.

    I reccomend it.

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    Well, you have to highlight all of your contact in Entourage, move them to a file folder on your desktop (etc) and drop them there. They will become card files. Then open Address Book and run the import and target those files from the folder. Works pretty seemlessly this way. The calendar sink very easily from Entourage. Don't know what to do on the notes and tasks though.

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    Okay, I just could NOT give up after spending the money on PocketMac, and they apparently just dropped me as I have not heard back from them -- really poor customer service (the "take the money and run" type).

    I finally figured out that you have to enable the iPod as a hard disk -- this was not listed in the rather poor manual that came with PocketMac. I found it by browsing the iPod manual, actually. Once I did that, and used automatic rather than manual syncing, it did finally work. It still is spotty -- it doesn't sync every time, for example -- but it's finally on my iPod. I still can't get it to erase the old data and load new, but at least it's there.

    Interestingly the iPod manual says that you can manually load all the stuff from Entourage....that you just select it and put it on the iPod folder for that item, but I can't quite figure that one out yet.

    Check out the manual first and try that before buying the dumb PocketMac software.

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