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Thread: Cheap ipod?

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    Cheap ipod?
    Hello all - I'm a newbie to Mac having just bought a macbook which is jaw-droppingly gorgeous! I'm now after a white 30gb ipod to go with it so that I don't have to pack up my hard disk with all my songs. Does anyone have any suggestions where I might find a cheap ipod for the UK? I'm checking the refurb section at Apple daily but if anyone knows of anywhere else, I'd be very grateful!


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    If you want a really cheap one, this guy on Facebook (much like Myspace if you haven't heard of it,) is selling 20GB 4G iPod for $30 USD. However, it has been known to have some bootup problems.

    Also, try eBay or Amazon. Just make sure the product you bid on is in the "New" condition.

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