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airwalk331 07-24-2007 02:17 AM

Deleting podcasts from iTunes
It seems that whenever I delete a podcast episode from iTunes it never appears in my trash unless I either haven't watched any of it at all or let the entire thing run all the way through.

Am I going insane? What gives?

airwalk331 07-25-2007 12:13 AM


airwalk331 07-25-2007 08:42 PM


schweb 07-25-2007 08:44 PM

When I delete them, iTunes asks me if I want to keep them in my library. I click no, and they go away.

airwalk331 07-26-2007 12:22 AM

right, but do you ever notice if anything appears in your trash if you click "no?"

...they dont if ive watched a part of them. they DO if i havent watched any of it.

airwalk331 07-27-2007 05:58 PM


airwalk331 07-29-2007 11:28 PM

Does ANYONE know about what exactly happens when you "delete" a podcast?

diesel828 07-30-2007 01:18 AM

Yeah, it should appear in the trash. I don't know why yours aren't going to the trash. Double check and make sure you are clicking the correct command when you are prompted after attempting to delete a podcast.

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