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    Problems entering VPN password
    I am trying to set up a VPN connection from my iPhone. I can enter my password in the setup screen and save it. However, I don't want it to be left on my phone in the event of loss. The alternative is to enter it every time. However, my password is a typical VPN password with letters, numbers and symbols, but the input for the per-session password is only numeric.

    Is this a bug in the coding, where on input option is available in setup, but a different one is used in the connect dialog? Or is there something I'm missing about how to configure either the input dialog or the VPN itself?

    Anyone else encountered, or better yet, solved this problem?

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    Answered my own question
    It seems to be a bug.

    By entering an incorrect numeric password, I get a new screen with alpha-numeric entry dialog. Version 1.1 can't come soon enough!

    Source answer found at:

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