Iím experiencing some problems with my iTunes.
Not long ago I reinstalled my computer with MS Windows XP Pro. Edition and installed iTunes. Now, I got the new iPod Nano, and needed to start iTunes and here lies the problem. When I double click on my iTunes icon, Windows present an error. Please see the screenshot here:


Iíve downloaded the latest version of iTunes, and tried to remove my old version of iTunes and Quicktime after Apples remove guide (http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=93698) but nothing seems to work.

In my Task Manager I can see iPodService.exe & iTunesHelper.exe. And when I start up iTunes I can see the task as well, but then the error message appear.

I really hope that there is a solution for this, because in the very end, Iíll have to reinstall Windows once again. And this is not the first time I encounter this problem.

Thanks in advance.
- Emil