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    Trouble with IPOD
    I got a 40 GB IPOD. Last week it slipped out of my hands. The case has a small scratch at a corner. But IPOD wont boot. When I turn it on it just reboots in an endless cycle. Is there anyway that I could solve this without sending it to repair center. Thanks in advance.


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    if you hook it up to the dock, does it do the samething?

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    Quote Originally Posted by captainstabbin
    if you hook it up to the dock, does it do the samething?
    Yes it does. It shows a folder with an exclamation mark and then goes back to the apple logo when rebooting.


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    I hate to say it man but either your HD is fried or you will have to completely RESOTRE the HD. Meaning that anything and everything on your iPod will be erased off the face of the earth. If you want to do that just find your Restore Software on your mac and hit restore.

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    try flipping the hold switch on and off, then quickly holding down both the menu and play buttons at the same time, until you see a reboot. This could fix the problem, or it could just be another thing to try that won't work. The times I've gotten the folder with the spinning question mark thing (I've gotten it twice while pluggin into powermac g4s at school), I did that, and it booted up fine, and worked again.

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    uhoh, maybe the hard drive is jarred from the drop in which case you might have to get it exchanged (just don't mention the whole dropping business..)

    Or try a restore with the supplied software (also available at apple's website)

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    Does it stay on the apple logo and continually make a noise like the hard drive is running? Have you tried leaving it in that state until the power completely drains from it. I had a problem with my 40 gb ipod about 2 months ago similar to this. I turned it on and it stayed stuck on the apple logo and just kept running the hard drive and nothing i could do would get it to respond. I just let it run the power out and recharged it and thankfully it has worked fine ever since. It really scared the crap out of me. :eek:

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