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    No pause between tracks
    I have a few DJ sets on my pc that I want to transfer to my iPod.
    The sets are split up in several tracks and when I play them in iTunes there are no pauses. However, when I transport these tracks to my iPod it adds 2-3 seconds to each song and it's very annoying.
    How can I fix this?

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    Select all songs, hit Apple+I to 'get info' and then check the 'Gapless album' option.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aptmunich View Post
    Select all songs, hit Apple+I to 'get info' and then check the 'Gapless album' option.
    No. The "Gapless album" option doesn't have to do with gapless playback. It only disable crossfade playback on gapless tracks.

    To original poster, what iPod do you have? Not all iPods can do gapless playback. So far only 5G (with firmware 1.2 and up), 5.5G, and 2G nano can do gapless playback. Other iPods (1G nano, 1G and 2G shuffle, older iPods) cannot do gapless playback.

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