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    Ipod Photo's
    Hi i currently just bought my first Mac the other day having previously owned a PC, i currently have a few 100 photo's on my ipod which was synced with a folder i had on my pc, but i want to now sync my ipod with the new photo's that i have on my Mac. Is there anyway to do this without losing the photo's already on the iPod?

    becasue everytime i try to select a folder to sync with it is telling me that i will lose all the photos i already have on the iPod.


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    i highly doubt it. itunes compresses the images to put onto the ipod.

    one thing you might want to try is to open the ipod in the finder and have a look around to see if you can see the photos folder in there. if so you can just resync the photos up on your mac.

    what i would advise doing is connecting it to your pc and copying the pictures to your mac.

    most use iphoto on the mac to sync pics with their ipod which works very well and does a good job of organising photos.

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