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    itunes files to cell phone
    hey experts, is there any way to take snippets of itunes music file and send them to my verizon cell phone to use as ring tones?? Audacity application? Can I use that in some way?? Mahalo, S

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    I can do it with Garageband, iTunes, and a Bluetooth connection, although it doesn't work with Protected AAC files unless you've converted them and lost the protected format (burned the song to a cd and reimported into iTunes).

    - Open a new project in Garageband
    - In the Media Browser, drag and drop the song file you'd like to create a ringtone from into the project timeline
    - Clip the song to your liking (most phones/services won't accept ringtones longer than 30 seconds)
    - Now Save As: choose any compression since iTunes will be compressing the song further
    - In iTunes set your import preference as MP3 and nothing higher than 64 kbps
    - File >> Import your song file, iTunes will convert it to MP3 for you.
    - Drag & Drop the newly created song file in iTunes to your desktop
    - Connect to your phone via Bluetooth
    - Drag & Drop your song file into the audio folder
    - Wipe the sweat from your brow.

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    wiretap. It is a recording software where you can just record a snippet of the song played with perfectquality and then load it your cellphone and use it as a ringtone.

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    thanks, exactly what I was looking for.

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    I've been using Audion recently. They are no longer developing it and have made it free (used to be shareware).

    Just another one to add to the list....

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