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Thread: New computer = No music? :(

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    Exclamation New computer = No music? :(
    So.... here's my problem.

    I got the video iPod right when it came out. 30g... I think. Anyways... there's a lot of room on it. I filled it up with CDs, friends CDs, songs I bought off itunes, tv shows... all that good stuff.

    Well then I sold my computer. So my whole library went with it.

    I updated my ipod before I sold it, so it has everything on it...

    But the only way I can play anything is if it's plugged into my laptop.... which is a huge pain in the ***.

    And I really don't want to have to load them alllll onto my computer again. I'd rather play in traffic.

    Any suggestions? Is there a program I can get (pleaseeee, a free one!) that will help me do this?

    thank you so much!


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    I use Senuti. Works great. URL is in MacWillis's post above.

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    senuti is dope.

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    Quote Originally Posted by inthefresh View Post
    senuti is dope.
    I got it... but it was saying a lot of the songs were invalid or something and was really buggy. I only got about 25% of the songs off and gave up

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    senuTi is probably the best FREE software for mac, but if you look around, there are a bunch of others that may be better quality from $10-$20

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