I have been researching a Bluetooth Headset for my iPhone. I ruled out the Jawbone since I find it hard to wear and don't think Apple's will be the one for me. It doesn't seem like the tape that would easily stay on my ear unless the pictures are deceiving.
I've become very interested in the Plantronics Voyager 510. It seems easy to wear and is supposed to have some type of noise cancellation. What are opinions of this headset? It also seems easy to fold up to carry if I'm not wearing it.
I also have heard very good reviews of the Sony Ericson HBH-GV435. What are opinions of that headset?
For Jabra I've looked at the BT-250v, BT-500v (I like the option of vibrating), BT5010, and BT5020.

I was heavily looking at the Jabra earlier but what turned me against it is I read how once it's synced with your phone any incoming phone calls automatically go to your headset if it's within 30 ft. of the phone. Even if I'm wearing my headset I may choose to take some of the calls on my phone so this would be a deal breaker to me. Is this true with all Jabra headsets or did I read something wrong? Or is this the case with some phones but the Jabra won't do then when used with an iPhone?