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    Boo Hoo, Wah Wah!!
    Cry me a river...

    AT&T sucks, Apple sucks, the plans and exclusivity of the iPhone deal sucks - anything more from the crybabies out there?

    Look, if you're having buyer's remorse about the iPhone, it's your fault, not AT&T or Apple. They are strictly in it for the business and for the profit and if anyone failed to do their research prior to waiting in line or springing for a $600 phone, whose to blame?

    If you're new to AT&T and you switched only because of the iPhone, it's no one's fault that your coverage sucks or your phone bills are high. Maybe doing a little research might have helped. Their website has coverage maps to show where their coverage is weak and where it is strong. The plans and all the details were available prior to the iPhone's release and all other fees and charges were in the fine print.

    My point is, anything about the iPhone and AT&T Wireless that might come as a shock to anyone shouldn't be a shock at all... if anybody cared to do any research prior to dumping a huge chunk of change on a phone.

    So, your phone has horrible coverage, the plan is too expensive, and you're not quite sure if all the novelties of the device are worth it... so we'll start blaming Apple and AT&T? It's not any new information they were hiding prior to the sale of the phone -- so who are the actual suckers?
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    How about a new Mac Forums rule:

    You can only complain about the iPhone if you don't have one
    Mac Sites - down for reconstruction

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    i dont have no mac's
    nice rant
    MoTM honor roll...
    i dont remember

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