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    Ipod Not Linking
    I just had a series of strange things happen. This morning my ipod froze, so I reset it. But rather than resetting, I just kept getting a dark screen with an illuminated apple. Finally the menu screen came up and everything on my ipod had been erased. I tried next to connect it to my itunes to restore it, but now my computer won't recognize my ipod, and all i get is this dark screen with an illuminated apple. And it keeps telling me it has a very low battery. Any ideas what is going on and what to do about it.

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    hmm worrying, i wonder how common these 'mishaps' i keep on hearing about really are. I do hope mine doesn't start deleting songs willy nilly when it arrives.

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    Oh dear, I have a friend whose iPod (I think it's 3rd Gen) died on her 2 years after she first bought it and she had about the same problem.

    She connected via the main power adapter to try charge the iPod, but nothing happened. I tried helping out by bringing it home to my own PC and performing iPod factory restore on it. It appeared okay, then prompted me to charge via wall adapter. Unfortunately, all the songs were gone. And my friend could never put enough songs in her iPod beyond a few megabytes. It's RIP for her iPod because its warranty was up, and the guy @ Apple store said it would cost more to replace it. Apparently it's a hard drive problem.

    If yours still come under warranty, run (don't walk) to your nearest Apple service centre for help. From past experience, the phone support people try to help even if your iPod has gone past the support date. Good luck!

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