I am looking for a Bluetooth headset to compliment my iPhone. I haven't looked at Sony or Samsung yet and not even much at Plantronics. I looked first at Jabra since I heard the most about them. I tried a Jawbone already but don't think it's the one for me.
My question:
I've heard a lot good about the BT500 but figured with the BT5010 and BT5020 being newer they were likely better. Yet I see some people say the BT500 and older models of Jabra are actually more comfortable and easier to use. Is that true?
It seems the BT5010 and BT5020 are very similar, just different style. Is that true?
For people who have tried both, which style is more comfortable to wear and also stays on better?
I'm interested in any opinions of these or other bluetooth headsets.