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    How can I sync all songs to iPod with no playlists or just selected playlists?
    I recently got a iPhone and since I can't copy songs one by one and also don't have enough space on the iPhone to store all songs I chose to create a iPhone playlist which I sync with my iPhone and just copy selected songs to which is around 3-4 gigs.
    Now I went back to syncing my iPod and realized it's syncing that playlist. I chose to remove the option of it to 'sync all songs and playlists" but then when I did that it removed all songs from my iPod. It seems I can't select sync all songs and either choose no playlists or selected playlists. All of the songs that are in my playlist, the 3-4 gigs are copied to my iPod and that's all songs that were already on there so it wastes 3-4 gigs of space. How can I get around doing this?

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    The only thing I can think of is maybe making a smart playlist just for your ipod. You could use "Playlist/is not/iphone playlist" for example.

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