my 30 gig video ipot went kaputz 2 weeks ago; for some reason it did not show the music files (appeared to have been deleted); after plugging into computer, I could not see the song files on Itunes, just an orange band on disk space-meaning "something" was there-so I reloaded songs into it, and played them for about a week , with this orange-bar space occupied on disk.
last week I tried to erase this "garbage "from ipod running scandisk from win explorer, BIG MISTAKE; now my ipod does not show on itunes, itunes wont show it- it shows no files but ALL orange bar disk space. the kick of this is, if I open explorer I can see the device , go into it and even play songs from explorer, on all files!! any idea as to what I might have done? already tried reset, obviously it wont erase disk. I dont mind losing songs, I have backups, I just want itunes to !see it" again.