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    Product to remove iPod scratches?
    Hey I have a bunch of scratches on my iPod screen, and back, what is the best product to get them off? I was looking at the Rad Tech Ice Creme, also I have the best buy warranty will they remove them under warranty?
    Thanks for the help.

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    I doubt best buy would remove them under warranty or replace the ipod because of the scratches. Your best bet would be to call and ask them.. As far as scratch removers I have heard that the Ice Creme works well and so does apple sauce..

    Here are a few good sites where you could find some good scratch removers for ipods.

    I don't know if this is an option because you said you had a warranty with best buy but if you can't get the scratches out you could just buy a new face plate for the ipod and replace it yourself.. The face plates are cheap and you can find them for under $30 new on ebay..

    You can also find free videos on how to replace the face plate yourself at

    good luck!

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