I use a regular PC running XP (not a MAC unfortunately) and have just got my first iPod. I have had all my MP3's organised on my portable HDD according to artist/album where applicable and wherever i have a "Various Artists" collection , i organised it by album name. I had done all this manually over the past months well before i got the Pod.

Unfortunately as soon as i pointed the Itunes ( to the folder which had all the "Various Artists" albums it promptly pulled them all out and created folders according to Artist name which i did not want cos now i cannot listen to albums i want to without having to find them all on disk again...

I am very disappointed that iTunes has wrecked months of hard work. Is there no way we can sync our own folders to the iPod without having iTunes play havoc with file locations? Cant i just "add a folder" from a specific location and move that to the Pod without getting all files moved?

Thanks in advance,