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Thread: RIP ipod mini

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    RIP ipod mini
    well, my first ever ipod, a 1st generation ipod mini died today
    i heard the charger fizzling out, the ipod simply wont turn on now (i think it has been burned out)

    its dead.

    now, do i buy an ipod nano? or do i wait until the new ipod comes out? when are peoples estimates for when that might be?

    if its after september, im buying a nano now, cant wait that long!

    a shame the mini had to pack up and die, its been an absolute work horse of my portable music for a good 2-3 years

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    Nanos today are the same form factor as your old Mini (I have one still kicking, the Mini, that is) but much sleeker and sexier. I'd go for the new Nano. Same capacity, more durable, very sexy.

    There are refubs available now at the online store for $149 in all the colors.

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