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    Exclamation itunes - only one installation

    i was really pleased with my ipod nano which arrived the other day, and quickly installed itunes onto my brother's pc since he has some good music on there and my laptop was not in the house.

    it would have been nice for there to be a clear indication on the manual that you can only install it once, unless you want to delete all the data that you have previously added... i found this out when i went home to my laptop to add all of my own music... soooo.. i don't really know what to do... do i have to delete it and go through all this crapiola again? or is there away i can bypass this annoying limitation?

    i'm going away for a month in less than a week and need to sort this out quickly so any help much appreciated

    Alice X

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    Sync with your library, turn Auto Sync off (enable manual sync) for that iPod when done. Connect to your brothers' computer and drag & drop the music you want in iTunes to your iPod. Now when you hook it back up to yours, since Auto Sync is off, you can manage it manually on your computer as well. Once you turn Auto Sync back on, you'll lose the stuff you don't have on your computer.

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