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Thread: It's been unlocked!

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    It's been unlocked!
    Sort of..

    Found from the Slashdot article:

    This doesn't however give you any phone functionality, but never the less.. it's a Wifi/iPod

    Has anyone done this yet? Let us know how it goes. I'm tempted to ebay one now, is surely only a matter of time now until someone totally unlocks it.

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    Several people have done this. Its not "unlocked" its just a $500 multimedia device.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stretch View Post
    Several people have done this. Its not "unlocked" its just a $500 multimedia device.

    That's exactly right. I see absolutely no point in doing this if someone is going to pay hundreds of dollars on a phone just to remove its calling features and use the iPod and internet device on their own service provider. It's a complete waste of money, but that's entirely subjective.
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    I don't know why people are so stoked about this! All you have to do it sign up with AT&T, activate, and cancel the next day. You don't lose any money, not even activation fee if you cancel within 3 days. And his comment about giving AT&T your personal info, and the notion they give it to the government, it's not like your information isn't out there to be had if you've ever had so much as a checking account or credit card before.

    Thanks for passing on the info, but not too exciting to me
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    I like the idea of unlocked phones where you can use it on what ever network you can, if they come from the factory that way.

    however I dont like when people unlock a phone, use it on another carrier then complain when it does not work properly or not at all. This also causes problems with the wireless network its self which you should be concerned with. an improperly unlocked phone can cause the radios in the cell towers to lock up and reduce the call capacity on that tower or other problems as well.

    phones are locked to a specific carrier usually for a reason. They have specific programming in there for that company, then when you unlock it to use it onthe other guys network that original programming is still there and makes a mess of things. If the new network can not over ride the programming with their own either manually or over the air it can cause you billing issues

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    Quote Originally Posted by juco View Post
    I'm now getting an error message from this site.
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    Ahh this is stupid. No sense in making it a $600 multimedia device....
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    yeah I am very worried about the government having my address and social security numbers.

    No way they have access to that without the evil AT&T trolling for data.

    If those crippies @ NSA want to listen in on my iPhone conversations they can have at it. They'll be bored to tears.

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    In other news, I "unlocked" my car so I don't need to put fuel in it. I just left my keys on the side and walk everywhere.

    Nothing to see here. Move along.
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