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    Jun 03, 2007
    GAH! Numbered artists at the bottom now?!
    So, I updated to IT7.3, and then synced my ipod. I later noticed, and I assume it was correlated, that artists beginning with a number (3 doors down, 30 seconds to mars, etc) are now at the BOTTOM of the artist listing, below ZZ Top. What?! They used to be first. Why would they do that to me, it's making me crazy! Anyone else have the same thing, or is mine a fluke?

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    Yeah, everyone that updated to iTunes 7.3 has their list like that now (including me).

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    Yup, same here. It's driving me a little nuts.

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    Ditto here. I have a few songs with numbers and they are way toward the bottom of the list. Drove me crazy at first as I thought they were gone or something! I am used to it now I guess.

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