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Thread: Speakers blown or just small?

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    Jul 28, 2006
    Speakers blown or just small?
    I've posted a lot of threads now but I'm just curious the speakers sound distorted on my iphone because they're just small phone speakers or are they defective and blown? Does anyone else's sound like this?

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    Can you post a sound file.......not many iPhones out there yet.
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    I was hoping for a few responses from other owners as I've seen a few of them on here already, if there isn't a good response by tomorrow I'll post an example, I'm going to bed soon.

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    If your close by and Apple or AT&T store, go in and play it for a rep (Apple only) or listen to a display model to see if you can hear a difference. I suspect the speakers is pretty standard to other phones, so the sound should probably very similar to your current phone (if it plays mp3's)
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    My iPhone's speaker is very poor when used in speakerphone mode. It isn't the sound quality but merely the volume level. Even in a dead quiet room, I can't use the speakerphone to have a conversation. Yet when I play music through the iPod section, the speaker is plenty loud and sounds about as I would expect.

    Hopefully they remedy this so that the speakerphone is actually useable!
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    The speakers are mono, meaning 1 speaker. You can see for yourself, Cover the speaker on your left when the iphone is facing you like your getting ready to use it. Now try the other one.. I think the sound good though just need more bass.

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    They are just small speakers; I went through the EQ options under iPod settings and found the best sound came from the "Bass Reducer" setting.

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