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    new ATT customer
    im with sprint. if i switch to ATT do i have to pay a deposite? if so how much is it? also is there any site that tells you how good ATT's coverage is in your area/city?

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    1. only if your credit requires it.
    2. depends on your credit.
    3. the AT&T website shows the coverage, but not "how good" it is.

    BTW - if you are in a contract with Sprint, you will have to pay to break it. up $300 per line.
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    my contract was up with sprint 3 months ago. i have no credit whatsoever. can anyone give me an estimate? because i have no idea. like $50? $1000?

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    Actually, you may be at an advantage. There have been reports from iPhone buyers that if you don't pass the credit check, AT&T will alow you to sign up and use the iPhone on a month-to-month prepay plan. So you won't even need to have a contract or deposit. The down side is that prepays are usually more expensive and I haven't seen any details on prices.

    Just go to an AT&T store or call and see what they offer you. Make sure to let us know what happen!
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    okay, thanks for the info fleurya

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