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    A Few Anal Clarifications Please
    So I just spent a day with the iPhone and I'm in love. A few question....

    1) Because it's new, I get pretty clamy and sweaty palms. In the user's guide, it mentions something about not to get moisture in the iPhone. What's this mean? Not to handle the iPhone with sweaty palms?

    2) I don't vigorously polish the screen, but it takes a little more force in the rubbing action to get the screen decently clean. Any tips on how to get the best clean with the provided cloth?

    3) Is a carrying pouch for the iPhone necessary?

    BONUS!) When you go to sleep, sleep the phone or shut it off? Which is preferred? I know, I know, but it's a new product and I sometimes get SUPER paranoid. Thanks in advance guys!

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    I can answer your cleaning question. Buy a micro fiber cloth.

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    1. I'm sure you don't have to worry about your sweaty palms killing the phone, unless of course your palms excrete a gallon of sweat

    2. I figured the included cloth would be enough to get it clean? If not, then like kilo said, a good micro fiber cloth would work fine.

    3. The faceplate is made of glass, so it's not very prone to scratching. If I had the iPhone, I would just keep it in my pocket like I do with my current smartphone.

    Bonus. This really depends. Do you want the ability to get calls while you're sleeping? If so, then standby is the way to go. I personally never turn off my Windows Mobile phone as I need to use it as an alarm and to receive calls if I'm sleeping

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    Reading the apple site it says there is a cleaning cloth included withn the iPhone.

    Sweat from the hands is not going to be a problem but I wouldn't be holding onto it at the gym
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    I picked up a hip-case for my iPhone when I bought it. So far I'm quite happy with it. It's the "HipCase" by Digital Lifestyle Outfitters.

    The iPhone is very difficult to scratch, but I still feel better with it being in its own case while not in use.
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    1. sweat shouldnt be a problem they did test stress for this before it came out.

    2. breathe on the screen and the cloth should rid of fingerprints when you wipe it.

    3.they have emulated videos of iphones + keys and they couldn't scratch the screen just the outside casing and landing on concrete. but for something I just paid more than $700 total I would get a pouch or something

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    ha, just being anal.

    my sentiments exactly, though. I saw the stress test and was amazed. Putting my iphone in my pocket is SIGNIFICANTLY less dangerous than dropping it outside on the pavement...but had to ask haha. I think I will get a pouch though, when it's just sitting idly by when I'm at home, because right now it's tucked away in it's bat-cave-ish box.

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