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    Should I get a screen protector?
    I always buy screen protectors for all of my products. I usually use the Clear Touch brand. I have it for my iPod, current PocketPC, Nintendo DS, Sony PSP, etc.
    My question: I know in the beginning it was said the iPhone would not be a problem with scratches and smudges. Then recently it was announced that it has the new scratch free glass screen. Is it really true? I went to the Apple Store last night to buy a 8GB iPhone and the guy said how the screen protectors are very popular. He said they sold out within 5 minutes, before anything. Should I really get one and if so which brand?

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    I read something that Apple is officially recommending not using protectors as it may interfere with using the touch screen optimally, but at the same time they are selling protectors a 3rd party is producing. (lame)

    PC World did a stress test where they attempted to scratch the screen directly and even drop it on concrete and the screen didn't scratch, so I'd say it's pretty resilient and you probably don't need a protector. Anything rougher than what they did would go right through a protector you could buy and still effectively use the touch screen.

    Here's a link to the video:,545-...d,0/video.html
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    I think fleurya summed it up well. A screen protector is pointless and will actually mess up using the touch screen.

    This sucker is durable, I wouldn't worry about it.
    Roger Michaels
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    I'm not worried about the screen as much as I am the overall phone. When I was at AT&T yesterday working on activation, I found a case I really liked that didn't have anything covering the screen. It's this one here.

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    get a screen protector.

    small chance it will prevent proper operation, they are use on pda's too

    once the iphone screen is all scratched up its too late.

    get a hard plastic case, only thing effective if you drop, the dead animal skin only gives it a look you care

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    dont peel the screen clear cover from the iPhone and your good to go.

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    the problem with using a screen protector is that the screen doesn't work the way other pda-type screens work. this screen works by detecting the electrical current that your hand conducts rather than sensing pressure from something like a stylus. Try it, if you have gloves on, or attempt to operate it with a stylus. If you put a screen on it, you would interfere with the current and the device wouldn't respond accurately

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