Here is the deal.

I have Sirius Radio which is great and all, BUT now I am more into just ripping all my music on my iPod from iTunes and rocking on them, which to all honesty is better than Sirius. At least IMHO.

Currently I have the Sirius Starmate 4 which comes with a built in FM Transmitter and the quality on it wasn't that great so I chilled the extra bucks and got the direct line FM Modulator so now when the Sirius Set is on and set to 83.3 Frequency the Radio doesn't listen to anything else but that even if there is interference works BEAUTIFUL.

Now My question is, Is there something out there available to take the output of the iPod and hook it to the existing FM Modulator to have a set frequency to listen to it. (The current Modulator I have depends on the Sirius HeadSet for the Frequency Selection)

I just tried too many FM Transmitters and they all disappoint and you have to change the station a million times on the road. Just the areas where I drive seems to have a radio station on each frequency its insane!

Thanks for the help in advance, hope I made sense with all my ramblings above



I drive a 2007 Chrysler Town & Country (My Work Van don't laugh ) and it doesn't have the luxury of an Auxiliary Input (Darn it Chrysler )