Hello *waves*

1 day to iPhone! The world is, rather literally, waiting (and, from the media coverage the device is getting, watching too. And very closely). I can't imagine the pressure on Apple Store employees to deliver the goods; the "get-ready" phase form 2 to 6pm is probably going to be very important indeed.

I've tried to gather all relevant information published/released about the iPhone before it's official launch tomorrow, at http://realityequation.net/index.php...3-days-launch/

With all that's going on, though, I could use some help. I know I've missed out quite a bit in that post, but that's where you come in. If you feel something absolutely has to be mentioned -- it would be criminal not to -- please let me know. Here or through comments to the post.

Also, if anyone has a photo of the iPhone that they've taken (somehow) and wouldn't mind me publishing it (with credits, of course), please tell.