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    Update music files to match iTunes Library?
    I'm using xp....

    Is it possible to automatically update my music files to match what is displayed in my iTunes Library?

    For Example...I imported my music to the iTunes library (did not duplicate) and found such and such song to be mislabeled. I made the necessary changes in the library but those aren't reflected in my music folder (as expected). I'd rather not have to go through the files a second time around to update their information.

    Help. Please.


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    iTunes only modifies the tags, but doesn't change that info for the file structure on the hard drive. You can check the box to let iTunes organize your music for you and it should do it. If you already have that box checked, then I don't know.

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    I don't like that iTunes creates a folder for every artist even if you only have a single song for that artist. Oh well. Should have just kept everything better organized as I acquired it.

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