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    stupid question
    I know this is probably a stupid question but im sort of a newb....i bought the 60gb ipod video when it was first released *as i was a PC user then* and to this day i still LOVE only complaint now is that it doesnt support 640x480 video like the newer this true? is there any type of software upgrade or something i can download for it to support 640x480 videos? The only reason i wonder is that the smaller video's do not look very good on a TV set

    thanks for the help in advance

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    Sure it does. The latest firmware update for the Gen 5 iPod adds support for 640x480 video. Plug your iPod into your Mac and see if it needs to be updated. iTunes will tell you if it need supdating and will update it at the click of a button.

    In my experience, the 320x240 video that I have ripped myself look fine on a TV.

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