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    How can I get these songs onto my iTunes without deleting them?!
    OK, I just lost about 400 songs because my iTunes screwed up, it's a long story...

    Like I lost all 2300, but then was able to restore all but about 400 of them with my video iPod. I also have a nano that has 218 of my absolute FAVORITE songs. I'm not sure exactly what 400 songs I lost (it seems like it's pretty random...), but I do know that as long as I have these 218 of my FAVORITE songs I won't go absolutely INSANE.

    How can I get some songs off my nano (once I figure out which of these I actually lost...), back onto my iTunes WITHOUT deleting them somehow?? I'm not doing this until I'm totally sure I won't lose them, cuz I think I lost those 400 songs while trying to restore my iTunes with Senuti.

    How should I do this?!
    I'm feeling literally SICK over this because my iTunes library is like, MY LIFE. I listen to music on computer all throughout the day...


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