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    Thumbs up Free Songs on iTunes!
    Hey everyone.. I think most everyone knows that Apple is giving free songs away on iTunes for 8 days in a row.. but if you don't know then here it goes

    We are on the 4th day today and you have 4 more days to go and then hm.. I think every Wednesday a new free song will be released from now.. until who knows when

    Go download!


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    hmm.... Bootleg mp3 cd's are cheaper :p

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    Sweet gotta have a go on Wednesday

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    I'm slowly sinking in the posts of Mac-forums
    PowerBook 12" Combo Drive/867 MHz/256 MB RAM/40 GB hard drive/Mac OS X 10.3.5/AirPort Extreme it sux
    I have all of the ones that came out so far.

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