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    Dear mother of god!!!!
    Since last year I've had my little iPod...and for months people have praised the little white earbud headphones that came with the iPod. I have always thought they were absolute crap.

    Well today, my cat chewed through my iPod headphones, and I had to go buy some new ones from the local Apple store. The lady there said "You can only get them with the remote now, but they're the exact same headphones.". I said fine, and plunked down my cash. I got them home, plugged them into my iPod, and they sound FRICKIN' AMAZING!!! My previous pair were defective, and I never had any idea!

    Oh man....these headphones are amazing. They sound sooooo good. I'm so happy.

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    Well this is very nice to hear!

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    yep yep, good to hear you're enjoying the ipod headphones. i've always thought they sound really good.

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    I think the earbuds that come with the ipod are rather dumb. They really hurt my ears (not the sound, the size) and I have to take them out after a couple minutes. I had to go out and buy some phillips earphones that rap around my ear.

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    the iPod headphones make it so OBVIOUS that you've got an iPod aswell, people in school come up to me and say 'you've got an iPod, can i have a listen'.....errrrr....No!

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    The iPod headphones sound pretty good to me...better than my other ones anywho...however, they don't really fit my ears that well, and tend to hurt at times...but after about ten minutes, they feel fine...and I'm in heaven....especially over the last two days...two new albums....

    Muse: Absolution (a great ablum...and it's on the iTunes music store for $9.99)

    The 5,6,7,8 s (Bomb the Rocks - fun fun fun album. Rockin Japanese girls)

    I just figured I'd give you guys some music to take a look-see/hear at

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