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    iTunes Sync iPhotos to ipod and apple TV missing photos
    From out of nowhere iTunes now only shows 650 photos in my iPhoto library. Up until Saturday all 6000+ photos in my iPhoto library would sync to both the ipod and apple tv now only those 650. I can open iPhoto and browse albums that iTunes says only has 2 files but iPhoto shows all 100+

    So far I've 'repaired' the iPhoto library as well as manually re-selected the library. I'm at a loss! Any ideas?


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    re iTunes Sync iPhotos to ipod and apple TV missing photos
    hello. I know your post is quiet old now, but i have the exact same issue. My Itune only synchronises part of my iphoto library with my apple tv. Sometimes though i manage to synchronise everything (i don't kow how) but then the next time when i start the synchronisation, Itune will erase part of the pictures from Apple TV again. Did you ever found a solution ? My library is about 8500 pictures. I did not have the issue initially.

    thanks in advance

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    Probable Solution
    I've been having a similar problem. It appears to be related to having a good portion of my photos stored on an external hard drive (my Time Capsule). When that drive is sleeping, other applications do not have access to the photos on it. However, when I go into iPhoto and access the photo information, for example, it spins up the drive in my Time Capsule. If I then sync via iTunes while the hard disk is spinning, the full set of photos syncs. Not sure if the issue is the same for you or not, but hopefully this will help others in the future.

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