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Thread: The Official "How To Transfer Your iPod or iTunes Library to Your New Mac" Thread

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    I dont think the version of iTunes you are using on the G4 supports the firmware on your iPhone. Do you have a more recent computer you can use and transfer the songs to that?
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    No, we don't have a more recent computer, but we have OS 10.4.11 on the G4.
    That Iphone is old too, a G3 is not a recent model. We got it for only $50 in fact, cuz it's sort of ancient history as far as Iphones go....

    Are you SURE we cannot transfer the iTunes onto the Iphone?

    Could we do it via downloading the iTunes onto a CD disk and then transferring THAT onto our Iphone via a USB cable possibly on ANOTHER computer?
    Transfer the Itunes songs onto a CD would be simply as pie

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    Was really rather pleased to locate this as I hoped it was targeted at Folks like me - switchers etc, but 1. I am not rying to switch from an iPOD to a Mac (Old or New). 2. I am not trying to transfer anything ot a New Mac. 3. I dont have a Home Network or a Mac.

    Not wanting to seem unappreciative - just getting frustrated at my lack of progress (& expetise) - or am I looking in the wrong place ??

    Wish to transfer Photos in a folder on an MS-based PC to an iPAD and in that same order and album.

    Many Thanks in antic !!

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    Feb 26, 2013
    iPod Classic to MacBookPro
    I just realised that this thread is dated 2007, is it still valid?

    I've got 2000 songs and videos in my iPod Classic and I want to transfer to my MacBook Pro's itune library which is currently empty.

    after browsing the first post, i download a paid version of senuTi and was looking forward for it's instruction as told but could not find any.

    anyone here got any step by step instruction on how I can do it?

    thanks in advance

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    Learn how to use the search engines which are available to you. First hit on Google brings up this link: How to use Senuti for the Mac

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    Music Transfer
    I think Apple should provide some means to transfer, safely and easily, music from iPod to iMac or whatever computer who may have. I just switched to Mac and I would like to transfer my iPod library to my iTunes on my iMac.

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