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    Question wav/aiff recording on iPod?
    Need some info on the possibilities of recording audio data in these uncompressed formats [WAV or AIFF] to the newer iPods [3rd gen right?].

    Belkin is selling an accessory that allows voice recording into the iPod, but I havent found any information as to how the data is stored. I'm trying to find out whether it'd be possible to rig up a portable stereo recording setup using the iPod as recording device.

    And of course, there's the issue of the ipod's software, whether it will allow for such type of data input.

    Any info is most welcome,

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    The universal microphone adapter from belkin lets you use an external mic (cant use a power source) it records 16-bit audio at 8kHz

    The voice recorder records in WAV but its only mono.

    There really is no hardware out there to rig up a good portable recording rig
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    Thanks for the prompt response. I also found the info...

    16-bit @ 8kHz MONO is definitively only for recording dictation.

    Too bad no company has yet negotiated this with Apple, because yet again together they might have revolutionized field recording. I think it's not too difficult to design a digital bridge [adapter] to do this, and the software programming should be quite easy, now that Apple owns Logic - the pro recording software from Germany. They have everything needed, but they probably don't think it's cost effective to dwelve in those arenas.

    Oh, well...


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