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    iPod Shuffle Music Transfer help..
    When I plug my iPod Shuffle (first gen, but that doesnt matter, I think) it asks if I want to tranfer purchased music from my iPod to my iTunes. Because the music on my iPod is from my fathers computer, that would give me 200 new songs on my computer. My question is, if I transfer, will it erase all the songs on my iPod?
    And, could someone correct me if I am wrong, all the transfer does, is exactly what it sounds like? Transfering music from one computer to the other, via my iPod?

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    I think if to try to play the songs you have to authenticate as the person that bought the songs with id and passwd. You can only "unlock" files on (I believe) 5 machines which includes computer and iPods.

    I did that, when I bought my new book and transfered all music via iPod. Don't know how it works in your case though since it is not you that bought it...

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