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Thread: Custom iTunes Now Playing Screen?

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    Custom iTunes Now Playing Screen?

    I work at a bar/restaurant where we use a Mac Mini for music. The Mini is hoooked up to several screens, which constantly display the iTunes 'Now Playing' screen. In stead of having the standard iTunes screen all the time, i would like to customize it to fit our company's style and logo.

    After searching for it, all I could come up with where third-party apps which allow you to set the colourschemes etc.

    so I'd like a way to make my own Now Playing-screen, without installing third party apps, is this possible?



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    You would probably have to scan your company's logo/artwork into the computer and save as a .jpg file. This file would then have to be used as a background image with the song's artwork or title as the foreground image- or visa versa. The whole thing would then have to be saved as the song's artwork in iTunes.

    With a program called 'Disc Label' for DVD's and CD's you can do this. It would be rather painstaking to do for all your music library though.

    Check out Doug's Applescripts. There may be some help there.

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    Thanks guys.

    I think I'll go for an Applescript that exports the songtitle, artist and coverart to a textfile and .jpg, and use a Flash interface to show them on the screens.

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