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Thread: Restoring my itunes library

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    Question Restoring my itunes library
    I recently moved my itunes library out of my hard drive to an external hard drive. Even though I told itunes where they are, I get can't find messages when I try to play anything in itunes. I can do an individual search for each song, but do't want to do this for all 6000+ songs I have downloaded.

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    Select all the songs in in your Library in iTunes. Hit delete. Your library will now be empty. Then readd all the songs to your library from the new location. Simply changing the location in the iTunes prefs won't fix it.

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    Agreed, all setting the iTunes Music Folder location does it affects where iTunes will save future music you add. The Paths are still in the old songs. What Baggss said will take care of it for you. Done it many times that way when adding new Hard Drives.

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