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    Check out the competition!
    Look at these tricky *******s at Dell.

    tell me that doesn't get you annoyed. If you don't read the fine line, or know nothing about computers....the first section will get someone hooked....then you read the bottom...and oh, it dosn't really do that...oh..right...haha.....or it only does that if your music format is really crappy, and you don't mind not getting the best out of your music.

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    I think this has already been brought up in another thread. The ad is definitely misleading (I expected better from Dell), and it doesn't compare to the iPod's overall functionality.

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    Looks allright but no doesn't even come close to the iPod.

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    It's a cheesy imitation. It's no iPod! :rolleyes:

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    Yeah...the look is just cheap....but it is a cheaper I would expect that. The problem is that they're misleading and comparing to the iPod...and actually trying to make it seems as if it's better. I also wouldn't expect this from Dell; they're usually a little above this. Oh well.....I didn't see the thread for this earlier, and thought I should mention it after seeing the link last night.

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